31.5 * 44mm Aluminum Cap

315x44mm-a 315x44mm-b 315x44mm-aluminum-cap-hdpe-liner

31.5 * 44mm Aluminum Cap


  • Manufacturing Location:Taiwan
  • Application:Alcohol
  • Closure Range:31.5mm
  • Withstand Temperature:90
  • Height:44mm
  • Top surface:Yes
  • Liner Type:HDPE Liner

Main Advantages

  • 31.5 x 44 mm ROPP cap with PE liner and 90℃ heating resistance.
  • Suitable for liquor product.  
  • 31.5 x 44mm cap is able to do side & top emboss, and it can increase the product value.
  • Multicolor cap & customized printing LOGO.
  • SGS FDA approval.

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