For application methods, please refer to Recruitment- Recruitment Process. Please refer to Job Vacancies for detailed information of qualification requirements.

Sure, if only you meet every vacancy’s requirements. Please refer to Job Vacancies for detailed information of qualification requirements.

We will take your education background, academic performance, work experience and professional skills into consideration to process the first-step selection, and make the phone call interview invitations. If there is no suitable vacancy for you, we will arrange your personal data to our applicant pool. Once we get a suitable vacancy, we will contact you.

Basically, we have aptitude and professional test in written examination, mostly held on the interview day.

First, you should be interesting in beverage package industry, because we’d like to find someone fit for THC culture. For more information, please refer to Human Resource Policy- Talented People That THC Need.

Generally, candidates will be informed the result right after the interview. But for the candidates that have second-interview, they have to wait for supervisors’ reply. We will inform them the second-interview by phone call or e-mail as soon as possible, and send offer letter for those who passed.

Sure, if only you meet every vacancy’s requirement. Please refer to Job Vacancies for detailed information of qualification requirements.

Yes, in general, students should apply internship through school, and follow their application procedure.

The Company will arrange an 8-hour orientation training at the day of registration.

Generally, the dormitory is for employees who lives more 30km far away from the Company.

Yes. Basically, the expatriate package depends on your working experience, and could be officially expatriate in six months to one year after enrolled. We provide expatriate employees with working meals and dormitory, 4 round-trip tickets from Taiwan to assigned location and totally 40 days home leave. Details might change according to our related regulation.

We have appropriate training course for new employees and on-job training. Please refer to Join THC for Future Success - Comprehensive Training.

Generally, it’s OK, just get your transfer application approved by supervisors from both departments.

Yes. If employee has some serious reasons like family problems, pregnancy, give birth and so on…you can submit the application of taking leave without pay. Basically, it’s OK if you always have good performance, and the supervisor of your department approves your application.

Welcome to join us!

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