Implementing Eco-friendly PET and OPP films for the Honchuan Label production line With gravure printing machine up to ten colors and accurate color registration system to produce colorful shrinkable & non-shrinkable labels.
In addition, HONCHUAN has engaged Italian multilayer film technology, it can improve the film toughness & strength, also achieves lightweight and energy-saving results. Label Annual Output 11.3 billion pieces.

Shrinkable Multi-pack Film

HON CHUAN muti-pack film has LDPE single layer and 5 layers film, and is suitable for variety of food or beverage product muti-pack requirment....

Pearlescent Film/OPP Label

HON CHUAN non-shrinkable OPP label is suitable for OPP labeling machine....


HON CHUAN shrinkable label has PET, OPS, PVC label....

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