Company Profile


Hon Chuan Company was founded in 1969 and established "Taifeng Industrial Co., Ltd." in Changhua City. After reviewing its establishment, it has undergone a second migration and moved to Xiushui Township, Changhua City in 1978. It was renamed "Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd."; Later, due to the expansion of operational production, the Company moved to Taichung Industrial Park in 1988 and began to settle down. Over the years, the Company has gradually laid the foundation for operations in Taiwan and actively expanded its overseas bases. In consideration of the development needs of the enterprise, Hon Chuan planned to operate the global headquarters building in 2009. Its exterior is designed in the shape of the world ’s largest bottle with glass curtain wall and lights, which is spectacular and unique. In 2010, the construction of the second-floor underground, the 11th floor above ground, and the building with a height of 50 meters. The total construction area was 14,658 square meters (about 4,434 square meters).

After the establishment of this operational headquarters building, we will continue to uphold the Corporate Purpose of " Business Reputation, Employee Welfare, and Society Charity ", show the determination to take root in this land, and develop sustainably. We look forward to Taiwan Hon Chuan Group's permanent stability and everlasting foundation.

Name of Company

Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Establishment Date

July 1969(AD)

Paid-in Capital


Revenue of 2023

NT$26.41 billion dollar

Total Employee of 2023

About 4,787 (Taiwan 1,508 / China 1,729 / S.E. Asia 1,429 / Africa 121)

Taiwan Stock Code


Manufacture location

Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mozambique

Plants Area in Taiwan

149,704㎡ , The Area of Plant Building: 253,145㎡

Plants Area in China

683,623㎡ , The Area of Plant Building: 332,503㎡

Plants Area in South-East Asia

270,437㎡ , The Area of Plant Building: 445,226㎡

Plants Area in Africa

9,517㎡ , The Area of Plant Building: 11,140㎡



Corporate Purpose

Business Reputation / Market Orientation / Employee Welfare
Customer Service / Society Charity / Employee Respect


Management Philosophy

Honesty / Innovation / Quality
Service / Positive / Responsible


Working Principles

Discreetness / Carefulness / Responsibility


Our Attitude

Sincere / Passionate / Smile