28mm Aluminum Cap

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28mm Aluminum Cap

28.5*15.4mm/ 28.4*15.9mm/ 28.5*16mm/28.3*16.6mm/ 28.5*17.6mm/28.6*20.6mm/28.5*21.5mm

  • Manufacturing Location:Taiwan
  • Application:Energy Drinking/Dairy/CSD
  • Closure Range:28.5mm
  • Withstand Temperature:121
  • Height:15.4mm
  • Top surface:No
  • Liner Type:HDPE Liner/PVC Liner/T-Type Liner/L-Type Liner/PP liner

Main Advantages

  • Largely applied to drink product. T type liner is able to use for low carbonated soft drinks product. 
  • Multicolor cap & customized printing LOGO.
  • SGS FDA approval.
  • 28mm ROPP cap has five type liner. 
Liner Type Withstand
T type 90
L type 90
PE liner 80
PP liner 121
PVC liner 121

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