Organization Chart

After more than 50 years of hard work and overcoming adversities along the way, THC continues to uphold the principles of trust, innovation, quality, service, motivation and responsibility. Our persistent efforts gave rise to a strong management team equipped with professional knowledge, adaptability, and innovative thinking, driving the company forward.
The team also continues to actively build strategic alliances and expand our market presence through innovative business models. This allows for provision of products and services of the highest quality and creates a win-win situation with the clients.


Information Regarding Management Team

Title Name Education and Experience


Tsao, Hsih-Chung

The recipient of the13th China Youth Career Initiation Honor Award Sun Yat-Sen Institute of Policy Research and Development (the tenth term)
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA The 18th director of Food Industry Research and Development Institute Elite Presidents’ Camp of Peking University, China


Dai, Hung-Chuan

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Master Degree in Structural Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA
MBA, Columbia University, USA
A Chartered Structural and Civil Engineer in ROC
Technical Specialist of Public Works Department, Taichung City Government
Associated Technical Specialist of Construction Management Division, Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior

Executive Vice

Liu, Yun-Chang

EMBA, Beijing University, China
Distribution Management Dept., National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan
The Outstanding Enterprise Manager Award of ROC in 1996
The Outstanding Food Entrepreneur Award of Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology in 2002
The Distinguished Alumni Award of National Chin-Yi University of Technology in 2010

Sales Dept.
Group Vice President

Pai, Wen-Pin

Graduated from Mingdao high school
Completed a Business Management course at Tunghai University

Sales Dept.
Group Vice President

Tseng, Wen-Hua

Graduated from National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Completed a Marketing Management course at Tunghai University

Financial Dept.
Group Vice President

Cheng, Ya-Wen

Graduated from Economics Dept., National Taiwan University
Master of Accounting, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
CPA of Taiwan, USA and Australia

Financial Dept.
Vice President

Chuang, Kuei-Ching

Graduated from Accountancy Dept., Chungyu Institute of Technology
Completed a Financial Management course at Tunghai University

Packaging Technical Group Vice President

Lee, Chin-Hsiung

Graduated from Electronics Dept., National United University
Completed a Management course at Asia University

Sales Dept. Vice President

Lai, Shen-Yuan

Graduated from Sociology Dept., National Taiwan University
Special Assistant of Chairman, Chainan Construction Co., Ltd.

Beverage Technical Group
Vice President

Lu, Ching-Chou

Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Dept., National United University
EMBA of National Chung Hsing University

Auditing Dept.
Senior Assistant Vice President

Hsieh, Hung-Lung

Graduated from Industrial Management Dept., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
MBA of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
The 1st Taiwan industrial excellence manager Award

Sales Dept.
Senior Assistant Vice President

Fang, Yu-Lung

Graduated from Chemical Engineering Dept., Shu-te University
Sales Manager, The Key Industrial Co., Ltd.

Beverage Technical Group
Senior Assistant Vice President

Lee, Ching-Hsiang

Graduated from Chemical Engineering Dept., National Taipei University of Technology
Technical application Specialist, Tetra Pak
Manufacturing section manager, Concord Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

General Administration Dept.
Senior Assistant Vice President

Yen, Ching-Chuan

Graduated from Chemical Engineering Dept., Tunghai University
Vice General Manager, Daodi international Co., Ltd.

Manufacture Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Hung, Min-Hsiung

Graduated from Executive Master of Business Administration(EMBA)
Completed a Management Training Program at Tunghai University

Sales Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Ting, Chih-Hao

Graduated from Business Administration Dept., Feng Chia University

R&D Technical Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Tsao, Chien-Hsia

Graduated from Professional Master’s Program for Intelligent Manufacturing and Management, Feng Chia University

Beverage Technical Group Assistant Vice President

Cheng, Chih-Hung

Master degree of Food Science Dept., National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Manufacture Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Tsai, Yung-Fu

Master degree of Business Administration Dept., Asia University

Sales Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Liu, Li-Yuan

Graduated from Chemical Engineering Dept., Yeong-Jing Industrial Vocational High School

Sales Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Pai, Hsien-Wei

Graduated from Accounting and Satisics Dept., Ling Tung University

Human Resource Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Lin, Tsang-Pin

Master degree of Labor Relations Dept., National Chung Cheng University

Sales Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Lin, Wei-Hsiang

Graduated from International Business Dept., Feng Chia University

Manufacture Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Huang, Chun-Hao

Graduated from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Formosa University (Provincial Yunlin Institute of Technology)

Beverage Technical Group Technical Dept.
Assistant Vice President

Li, Kun-Chang

Graduated from Taichung Municipal Sha-Lu Industrial High School

Succession Plan

Succession plan and implementation of board members

The election of directors of the Company adopts the candidate nomination system for a term of three years and is handled in accordance with the “Articles of Incorporation”, “Procedures for Election of Directors”, and “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principle”. THC’s Board of Directors consists of 9 outstanding members, including 3 independent directors, from different backgrounds including management, operation, finance, accounting, civil engineering, and construction industry with rich industry experience and professional skills.

Succession plan for Board of Director members:
1. Strengthening the functions of the Board to meet the diversity policy
2. Selecting professional directors who meet our requirements in order to respond to development plan of the company and changes in external and internal environment to keep pace with the times.
3. Planning training courses for directors to strengthen their capabilities.
4. Conducting regular internal board performance evaluation
5. Nominating the Board members according to the Company’s directors’ recommendations for appropriate candidates, the Company’s recommendations for senior managerial staff, or the results of performance evaluation, so as to perform functions of the Board.
6. On June 19, 2019, the election of directors was held during the annual shareholders’ meeting, and a new director, Mr. Tsao Hung Yu, assumed his office, which is consistent with our succession plan.

Succession plan and implementation of senior management

THC values talent development and engages in selection, utilization, education and retention activities of talents. Based on the talent development strategy, THC sets up education and training policies. To Cultivate talents with depth, breadth and height of vision, THC establishes an internal Hon Chuan Academy to push those talent training plans and pass down skills. While all employees embrace THC’s culture and values, we can reach a consensus through our effective teamwork.

Succession Plan of the Company is conducted by each department/level. The senior management of the Company have served for a longer period of time. After cultivated by supervisors’ instructions and accumulating experience, the management can become professional management personnel in various areas. They are capable with management skills and expertise, and their substitutes have been set up. In addition, for better capability of professional, management, and problem-solving skills, THC holds irregular internal and external training, rotates key talents, and review their competency, responsibilities and performance, so as to prepare high-quality manpower for the long-term development of THC. On March 23, 2021, according to the Company’s succession plan of senior management, the Remuneration Committee approved that Huang, Chun-Hao was promoted to the assistant vice presidents.