Corporate culture and values

Tsao, Hsih-Chung President

The Museum of Taiwan Hon Chuan Group for Packaging Cultural Creative began its planning and design stage in early 2010 and completed in March 2013. The museum is situated in Taichung Industrial Park and the whole building space is about 25,000 square meters, including our corporate headquarter where the museum is nested in the first and second floors. It has explicit introduction of different kinds of containers, closures, labels and beverage fillings, and collects thorough history and evolution of packaging material, beverage, equipment, exhibits and etc. Furthermore, it shows the packaging industry is leading to a more eco-friendly and energy-saving trend, resulting in reduction of carbon dioxide exhausts, and developing innovative and light-weight packaging products constantly. While visiting the museum, customers and visitors can appreciate the historical and evolutional aspects of beverage & packaging from the educational viewpoint in great detail. In our corporate mission, the museum itself will demonstrate our long-termed commitment in this profession for the future of beverage & packaging industry, and keep complementing the museum collections to the best of our capability.

We cordially hope this museum can stimulate new creativity and atmosphere in Taiwan Hon Chuan Group. It is important to keep planning and developing our global strategy based on the corporate culture and history reconstruction. This museum is the milestone of Taiwan Hon Chuan Group and definitely one of the most remarkable records to the beverage world. I’m sure that the museum will pay a functional tribute to the industry just like our insistence on quality and innovation ahead.


Improve life quality of humanity

Dai, Hong-Chuan Chairman

Welcome to the Museum of Taiwan Hon Chuan Group for Packaging Cultural Creative. This museum expressively records the history and evolution of packaging and beverage world through our continuing effort, and I sincerely wish all the visitors can find pleasure in understanding the knowledge of beverage and packaging industry from a professional perspectives. It stands out not only because of the company endeavor to enhance the living standard and develop packaging functionality, but it also serves as a informative gateway to the packaging and beverage world for Taiwan Hon Chuan Group and its beloved clienteles. Let us add more creative idea and technological vitality, in search for passion and devotion, to the beverage and packaging industry in Taiwan. Please enjoy your tour!

Plan makers of the team
  • Hsih-Chung, Tsao /President
  • Hung- Chuan, Dai /Chairman

Consultants of Research Team
  • Paul Cheng/General consultant
    Dr. of De Montfort University(DMU)
    Founding Chairman of Design Innovation Management Association
  • Hung-ju Kao
    President of Packsourcing Co. Ltd.
    President of Taiwan Packaging Industry Magazine
  • Chin-Fu Chen
    Department of Industrial Design, Tunghui University
    MFA, University of Kansas, USA
  • Neng-Jiao, Wong
    Ph.d, The Graduate Institute of Design Science,Tatung University
    Department of Design, Lingtung University

Research Team
  • The Graduate Institute of Industrial Design, Tunghai University
  • The Graduate Institute of Industrial Design, Chao Yang University
  • The Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design, Lingtung University

Information Provider
  • Plastics Industry Development Center

Multimedia Design and Production Provider
  • Rai Chen System Technology Inc.

Interior Design and Production Provider
  • Dicare planning & Development Corp.

3C System Integration Planning Provider
  • Timax Information Co., Ltd

Design and construction of installation art
  • S&J Corporation

Distinguished Guests


2013/08/16 Distinguished guests from TTL


2014/09/25 Visited by Global Purchasing Directors of Coca-Cola GEPT


2014/12/04 Distinguished guests from Taiwan Tsingtao Brewery


2015/01/08 Distinguished guests from Uni-President


2015/05/12 Distinguished guests from Danone Group


2015/06/24 Distinguished guests from Garden Fresh


2015/07/23 Distinguished guests from Taichung Winery


2016/02/18 Distinguished guests from KKL


2017/04/13 Distinguished guests from Kuang Chuan


2017/11/21 Distinguished guests from Taiwan Fermenting Food Industry Association


2017/12/26 Distinguished guests from Young Energy Source(YES)


2018/03/30 Distinguished guests from Shanhua Brewery


2018/05/16 Distinguished guests from Youth Entrepreneurship Association


2018/11/07 Distinguished guests from Plastics Industry Association


2018/11/08 Distinguished guests from Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Elite Club

Visits from officials and organisations


2014/05/13 Distinguished guests from Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology


2014/05/16 Visited by Mayor Wen-Xia, Chou from Xiantao City


2014/05/23 Distinguished guests from Taxation Administration of MOF


2014/06/06 Visited by Chairman Wei, Han from Taiwan Office in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province


2014/08/21 Visited by Party Secretary of Xiantao City, Hubei Province


2014/09/05 Distinguished guests from Ministry of Finance


2014/11/07 Visited by Premier Yi-Huah, Jiang of Legislative Yuan


2014/11/07 Distinguished guests from Urban Development Bureau


2014/11/13 Distinguished guests from Commerce and Industry Minister of Nicaragua


2014/12/30 Visited by Municipal Party Committee of Chuzhou City


2015/01/28 Visited by Minister Chen-Chung, Deng of MOEA


2015/03/20 Distinguished guests from Taiwan Stock Exchange


2015/03/31 Visited by Deputy Chairman Xue-Xin, Ding of Taiwan Office in Hunan Province


2015/04/10 Distinguished guests from Guizhou Institute of Light Industry


2015/07/29 Visited by Mayor of Mozambique, Africa


2016/01/15 Distinguished guests from Entrepreneur Club


2017/07/25 Visited by Party Secretary of Xiantao City


2017/11/08 Distinguished guests from République d'Haïti


2017/11/15 Distinguished guests from PIDC


2017/11/16 Distinguished guests from Saint Lucia


2018/05/09 Commercial Visited by Hubei Province