Packaging Museum

Headquartered in Taichung Industrial Park, THC’s President, Mr. Hsih-Chung Tsao, came up with an idea to build up the biggest “PET bottle shape” architecture in the world. There are plenty cultural connotation designs in the lobby. Moreover, THC sets up the Packaging Cultural Creative Museum to display the develop history of global packaging industry, which also proves the specialty and creativity of THC’s business model. These new images represent a philosophy of sustainability and contributions to packaging industry.


The Museum of Taiwan Hon Chuan Group for Packaging Cultural Creative began its planning and design stage in early 2010...

Introduction of the Museum

Welcome! You will soon enter a time machine on a journey of packaging history with Museum of Taiwan Hon Chuan Packaging Technology...

Design Concept of Lobby

The 58 stars means THC was founded in 58th year of the Republic Era(1969 AD) . The totem of Taiwan creature represents our spirit...

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