Innovative Products

For the long term development and quality improvement, HONCHUAN R&D team has focused on packaging material and beverage filling new innovation. We use pioneer test equipment and gather worldwide new technology & market trend information. From new packaging material to new beverage filling technology, we all can support our customer demand.

Tethered cap

Bottle cap does not fall to the ground, a new trend of environmental protection....

Cap with Check Valve

Effectively inhibit the oxidation of contents, keeping it fresh.

Hinge Cap with Filter

Can filter tea leaf to extract the tea, easy open design.

Cap with Oxygen-absorption Liner/Oxygen Barrier Bottle/Label with Light Barrier

Superior barrier effect (oxygen barrier, light barrier).Compliant with food safety....


One product, one code, increase interaction with consumers. With anti-counterfeiting and big data collection functions...

Twin Color Cap

Customized design for top surface. Improve product recognition. With anti-counterfeiting function

ø48mm Water Cap (6L)

Customized integrated development design. Used with water dispenser, can also be opened directly for drinking....

10 to 100% rPET Bottle

Eco-friendly material for PET bottle product. Reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption....

Cleaning Products

Easy transport

Anti-counterfeit Aluminum Cap

With anti-counterfeiting technology, uniquely. Customized three-dimensional relief trademark. Holographic co-location and out-of-phase technology....

PVC-Free Ring Pull Cap

High temperature and grease resistance. PVC free liner.

High Gloss Label

Bottle can appearance. Outstanding recognition on shelf. No extra retrofit cost.

Flexo Printing

Environmentally friendly inks have no VOC emissions and are more environmentally friendly.Bronzing and tactile printing...

Composite Vacuum Cap

Safe and convenient to drink. Food-grade plastic, iron sheet, rubber padding. Replacing traditional....

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