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THC CEO Tsao Hsih-Chung named on Harvard’s list of Taiwan Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs

        THC CEO Tsao Hsih-Chung named on Harvard Business Review’s Taiwan top 100 best-performing CEOs for 2020. He was invited to receive the award on October 8. Tsao Hsih-Chung said that maintaining product quality, creating shareholder value, and developing ESG strategies are the direction THC strives for. The Company has allocated many resources to circular-economy products, green manufacturing processes, and environmental protection. The Company also provided an information platform for industry, government, and academia to visit and exchange ideas. Good corporate leaders should lead the company into growth and maximize shareholder value. THC said that the company has been operating steadily in recent years. Based on a comprehensive comparison with all public companies in Taiwan, THC reached 446% for the total rate of shareholder return, ranked 59th, and with the market capitalization of NT$17.4 billion, ranked 128th. For a long time, Tsao Hsih-Chung has led THC to actively expand internationally through innovative business models, improve production and service quality, get more customers, and form a cross-industry alliance. Our efforts have received positive feedback from customers and society.

        To create the list of the best-performing CEOs in Taiwan, the traditional Chinese version of Harvard Business Review began with Taiwan’s 300 largest corporations based on the information of companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. They selected the CEOs who are still in office before April 30, 2020, with those who had not yet served two years and those with criminal records excluded from consideration. The top 100 CEOs were selected based on those company’s market capitalization change and industry-adjusted ROE during their tenure, long-term performance also included.

Reference: 2020