1881(28mm) 1-PC Hot Fill BHPV plastic closure

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1881(28mm) 1-PC Hot Fill BHPV plastic closure

1881(28mm) 1-PC for Hot Fill BHPV

  • Manufacturing Location:Taiwan
  • Bottle Type:Hot Fill
  • Seal Specification:1881 (28mm)
  • Application:Hot Fill beverage
  • Neck Finish:28mm
  • Closure Type:1pc
  • Outside Diameter:29.5mm
  • Height:15.8mm
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Main Advantages

HONCHUAN 1881 BHPV plastic closure is high quality & food grade 1pc hot fill cap, and is made by compression machine. The 1pc plug design is suitable for 28mm 1881 crystalized hot fill product such as juice, lemon tea, sport drink product. Also, it has great sealing performance.

  • Suitable for PCO 28mm 1881 crystalized neck finish.
  • 1pc plug design provides tight seal performance.
  • High quality easy to open and safety.
  • Suitable for hot fill juice, tea, sport drink product.
  • Multicolor cap & customized printing LOGO.
  • SGS FDA approval.
Height (mm) Weight (g)
1 15.8 2.30

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