38mm Non-Crystallized Hot Fill Preform

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38mm Non-Crystallized Hot Fill Preform

38mm For Hot Fill

  • Manufacturing Location:China
  • Fill Type:Hot Fill
  • Preform Type:Hot fill Preform
  • Seal Specification:38mm
  • Inside Diameter:30.2mm
  • Application:Hot Fill
  • Neck Type:Non-Crystallized
  • Height:17.8mm
  • Neck Finish:38mm

Main Advantages

  • HONCHUAN 38mm hot fill non-crystallized preform can be match 38mm hot fill plastic cap. Base on customer's requirement HONCHUAN 38mm preform can be blowed different bottle shape & volume, and is suitable for hot fill juice, lemon black tea, functional drink and energy drink product.
I.D. (mm) 30.2
Height (mm) 17.8
Neck Weight (g) 7.52
Weight (g)
1 29.5
2 45

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