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    Do you have the vacancy for expatriating? What’s the package?
    Yes. Basically, the expatriate package depends on your working experience, and could be officially expatriate in six months to one year after enrolled. We provide expatriate employees with working meals and dormitory, 4 round-trip tickets from Taiwan to assigned location and totally 40 days home leave. Details might change according to our related regulation.
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    What’s your training course and schedule for employees?
    We have appropriate training course for new employees and on-job training. Please refer to Join THC for Promising Future-Training.
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    If I couldn’t adapted to my current department, Could I apply for transfering to other department?
    Generally it’s OK, just get your transfer application approved by supervisors from both department.
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    Do you have regulations about leaving without pay?
    Yes. If employee has some serious reasons like famous problems, pregnancy, give birth and so on…you can submit the application of taking leave without pay. Basically it’s OK if you always have wonderful performance, and the supervisor of your department approves your application.