1881(28mm) 1-PC Cold Fill AAP plastic closure

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1881(28mm) 1-PC Cold Fill AAP plastic closure

1881(28mm) 1-PC for Cold Fill AAP

  • Manufacturing Location:China
  • Bottle Type:Cold Fill
  • Seal Specification:1881 (28mm)
  • Application:Cold Fill beverage
  • Neck Finish:28mm
  • Closure Type:1pc
  • Outside Diameter:29.75mm
  • Height:15.7mm
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Main Advantages

HONCHUAN 1881 APP plastic closure is high quality & food grade cap with 1pc plug design, and is made by compression machine. This cap is suitable for 28mm 1881 cold/ambient fill product such as coffee, tea, juice. The plug design has top, inner, side triple seal, and provides tight seal performance.

  • Suitable for PCO 28mm 1881 neck finish.
  • 1pc plug design provides tight seal performance.
  • High quality, easy to open and safety.
  • Multicolor cap & customized printing LOGO.
  • SGS FDA approval.
Height (mm) Weight (g)
1 15.7 2.15

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