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Stable salary and various welfare policies

Besides providing stable wage, THC also raises salary and offers bonus regularly based on each employee’s job content and performance. Also, we check salary standard of labor market quite often in order to keep up with the average. For welfare policies, THC offers not only kinds of insurance and subsidies but also various entertaining facilities and travel activities to meet the demands of employee.

Various Insurance and Guarantee +Labor Insurance +National Health Insurance +Group Insurance +Pension Funds +Yearly Health Examination +Infirmary +Breastfeeding +Gymnasium +Karaoke Room +Employees’ Satisfaction Survey +Mediterranean Style Dormitory +Yearly Promotion and Pay Raise
Salary and Welfare +Salary and Welfare +Various Entertaining Activities+Appointed Stores +Coupons/Upgraded Meals in Peak Season+Year-End Party, Lucky Draw +Occasional Gifts Offer +Excellent Employees Travel Abroad +Year-End Bonus/Profit Sharing +Shift Allowance/Holiday Gifts +Various Performance and Production Rewards
Various Subsidies +Marriage Subsidy +Funeral Subsidy +Maternity Subsidy +Hospitalization subsidy +Birthday Bonus +Travel Subsidy +Dormitory Subsidy +Meals Subsidy +Project Benefit +Various Training Subsidies

Compensation and Benefit

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