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PET Heat-resistant crystallized bottles
  • Specialized PET perform injection molding system (Husky, Canada)
  • High-precision crystallizer (ASB, Japan)
  • Specialized Heat-resistant bottle blower (Sidel, France)
  • Automated bottle inspection system (Pressco, USA)
Water treatment and formulation systems
  • RO reverse osmosis-purified water is used for formulations.
  • Tea extraction equipment: Adopts time-controlled system for consistency in quality.
  • Tea purification equipment: High speed cleaning centrifugal system (over 7200 rpm) (WESTFAA, Germany).
  • Sterilization equipment: Adopts APV UHT tube type sterilization system.
Filling systems
  • Adopts positive pressure system equipped with grade 100 filter.
  • Adopts two-stage cleaning for unfilled bottles.
  • Closures are washed using hot water and sterilized by UV irradiation. Three-in-one filling system can produce 500 BPM.
  • Cleaning by filling assembly allows for forward and reverse circulation.
Conveyor and packaging systems
  • Unfilled bottles are conveyed at high speed by AIR.
  • Inverted bottle sterilization: Adopts 4-step agitation and inversion.
  • Cooling equipment: First washed by hot water wash before cooling with cold water. Temperature of sinks is controlled at ±1℃.
  • Label shrinker: High-speed and automatic positioning, steam shrinking.
  • Automatic packaging machine: The imported OCM packaging machine is capable of packaging bottles of different specifications (350-2000cc).
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