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Water treatment equipment
  • Water from high quality water sources such as Liyu Lake and Shigang Dam is used along with the most advanced automated systems for water treatment including multilayer purification, activated carbon deodorization, ionic-exchange resin to soften water and RO reverse osmosis. Our water complies with the government’s safety standards for drinking water and gives products the finest taste.
Tea extraction equipment
  • The most advanced, automated kneader horizontal tea extraction reactor and the standing spray-type tea extraction reactor are used to extract single and multiple flavor(s) tea. The equipment promotes solution of beneficiary components such as tannic acid, catechins and vitamin C and adds unicellular health tea extract, allowing the natural aroma and sweetness of tea to be released rapidly.
Pre-treatment equipment
  • The equipment for sugar dissolving, milk dissolving, mixing, sterilizing and CIP ststem is fully designed by Uni-President, Tetra Pak and GEA. The main equipment, pipes, valves and automations adopts advanced equipment from Europe and comply with the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards. The entire process is monitored and recorded by computer systems to ensure product safety.
Bottle-blowing equipment
  • The most advanced bottle-blowing machine from Europe capable of producing 26,000 to 48,000 BPH based on 600cc volume product was adopted. The smaller, more efficient machine is designed with energy-saving function and allows rapid mold change. The tow-direction stretching roat gives ensure better quality of PET bottles.
PET aseptic filling equipment
  • The world’s most advanced equipment capable of producing 36,000 to 48,000 BPH based on 600cc volume product was adopted. Products are produced in a aseptic environment at room temperature to allow maximum preservation of nutritional value and flavor while ensuring safety and consistency in quality.
High-speed sleeve labeling machine
  • Our dual labeling machine with switchable molds allows for label change without stopping, film change without tools and elimination of carbon brush for the cutter die.
Conveyor system
  • The conveyor belt for finished products (filled bottles) is compatible with round and square bottles. Automated PLC controlled system can adjust the conveyor speed according to bottle size and shape.
Packaging machine
  • Fully automated machine with user-friendly interface for easy adjustment by operator. Paperboards and products are packaged simultaneously, allowing for rapid and continuous production while preserving flawless appearance.
Multiple packaging machine
  • Fully automated with user-friendly interface for easy adjustment by operator. It is able to switch between four per pack and six per pack to meet the customer’s need.
High-speed automatic stack machine
  • User interface can be set to change the stacking direction, allowing rapid changeovers and fittings to save time and energy.
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