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2019-06-19 Articles of Incorporation
2019-06-19 Operational Procedures of Endorsements and Guarantees
2019-06-19 Operational Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets
2019-06-19 Operational Procedures for Loaning of Company Funds
2019-06-19 Operational Procedures for Trading Derivatives
2018-07-24 Whistle-blowing Procedures for Violations of Ethical Corporate Management
2017-06-15 Rules of Procedure for Shareholders' Meeting
2017-06-15 Procedures for Election of Directors
2015-11-12 Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
2015-11-12 Procedures for Halt and Resumption of Dealings
2015-11-12 Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles
2015-11-12 Procedures for Board of Directs Performance Evaluation
2013-03-29 Rules and Procedures for Meetings of the Board of Directors
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    TEL: 886-4-2359-0088

    IR office: Ms. Emily Lu (ext.5107)

    IR office: Ms. Fiona Chiang (ext.5120)

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