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  • Gold coin

    The 58 stars means THC was founded in 58th year of the Republic Era(1969 AD) . The totem of Taiwan creature represents our spirit.
    The eagle represent we are able to see the big picture and think from a high level. Our goal is to dominate the beverage packing industry just like the eagle dominates the sky.
    In our culture, Orchid is the flower with noble character and integrity. Orchid is also a symbiotic plant. It represents we are an integrity company and value our client and environment the most.
    In our aboriginal culture, only the bravest man can have this totem. It represents we have the brave to exploit the any market.
  • Stalactite

    It takes countless drops to form a stalactite. We value and take care of every detail since we know the small drop can make the greatness.
    • Ammolite / Orthoceras

      The fossil has been existing for 450 million years. We wish our partnership will last forever just like the fossil do.
    • Crsytal Toumaline

      Citrine(yellow crystal) brings us the fortune.
    • Anser

      Anser migrate as a group. It reminds us that we should overcome difficulty as a team.
  • PET Bottle Skywalk

    We care about our environment (the green thing) so we keep developing more eco-friendly product and manufacture proceeding.
  • Tourbillon

    We manage our business precisely and make all schedules on time.