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Plan makers of the team Hsih-Chung, Tsao /President
Hung- Chuan, Dai /Chairman
Consultants of Research Team
Paul Cheng/General consultant Dr. of De Montfort University(DMU)
Founding Chairman of Design Innovation Management Association
Hung-ju Kao President of Packsourcing Co. Ltd.
President of Taiwan Packaging Industry Magazine
Chin-Fu Chen Department of Industrial Design, Tunghui University
MFA, University of Kansas, USA
Neng-Jiao, Wong Ph.d, The Graduate Institute of Design Science,Tatung University
Department of Design, Lingtung University
Research Team The Graduate Institute of Industrial Design, Tunghai University
The Graduate Institute of Industrial Design, Chao Yang University
The Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design, Lingtung University
Information Provider Plastics Industry Development Center
Multimedia Design and Production Provider Rai Chen System Technology Inc.
Interior Design and Production Provider Dicare planning & Development Corp.
3C System Integration Planning Provider Timax Information Co., Ltd
Design and construction of installation art S&J Corporation