Sustainable Performance


No violation of product liability, marketing labeling, trade secrets, and other illegal records

No violation of customer privacy and no loss of customer data

30 People

The number of workers with disabilities exceeds the quota in law

35 People

The number of industry-academia collaboration employees


The rate of employees returning to work after taking parental leave

23,631 Hours

Total hours of personnel training

4,870 Hours

The hours of on-job occupational safety and health(osh) trainings


The examination rate of employees health examination

8 Times

The number of labor-management meeting

NTD 7.744 Million

Total input cost of osh engineering improvement

Corporate governance and economy

NTD 21.527 Billion

Consolidated revenue

NTD 1.381 Billion

Net profit after tax


The continuing education hours of the board

82 Score

The score of self-evaluation by the board members


Taiwan Ratings,with stable outlook

318 Person

The hours of ethics & integrity training course


Awarded the Performance Excellence Award of Energy Conservation Service Group from 2016 to 2018 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

NTD 66.24 Million

Improvement of air pollution control equipments and other environmental investments

312 Tonnes

The amount of water saved by beverage business per day

-779 Tonnes

The volume of waste tea residue transported was 13.81% lower than the previous year


The amount of electricity saved by beverage business per year


The amount of electricity saved by packaging business per year


KgCO₂ e/m³

The label plant replaces Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, which reduces CO2 emissions per month


122 People

Blood Donation

2,132 Visitors

Reception of guests from Industry, Official and University : A total of 60 times

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs

THC has incorporated SDGs into our core strategy of operations and changes the traditional business model that companies should focus on performance. Therefore, we care about environmental protection and other regulatory compliance, increase employee compensation to retain talent, reduce workplace inequality, reduce the discharge of wastewater and waste, and strictly check our products to ensure the health and safety of customers as well. We hope that THC will constantly contribute more to SDGs in the future and make continuous progress in fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.