Sustainable Environment

Environment Friendly Earth Friendly

In recent years, the threat of global warming and climate change has intensified. THC actively introduces lightweight products, In-house Coalition Production Model, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and other ways in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials, packaging and transport operations and reduce carbon emissions, waste and environmental impact. We will continue to pursue environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

THC Policy

Comply with environmental,health and safety law
Promote autonomous management
Prevent pollution comprehensively
Ensure sustainable development
Continuous improvement measures
Create a quality environment
Full participation in the development
Shape a culture of occupational safety and health

THC Goals

  • Enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection and acting within the law.
  • Reduce electricity consumption by more than 1% annually.
  • Reduce air pollutant emissions by about 110 tonnes per year.
  • Promote and implement recycling and waste management control to employees.
  • To systematize and standardize the environmental protection management for each plant.
  • Implement the requirements of the competent authority and promote continuous improvement measures and replace the energy-intensive equipment.
  • Increase investment in new environmental protection technologies or equipment.
  • Implement recycling or pollution source reduction.

THC Responsibilities

General Administration Department

Overall planning, resource integration and supervision on implementation.

Labor Safety and Health Department

Complying with environmental protection law, checking and implementing environmental protection policies.

Engineering Department

Implementing energy saving measures for each plant and promoting renewable energy development.

Introduce environmental management system certification and environmental, health, and safety permits and licenses, and obtain professional certificates for air pollution control, wastewater treatment, waste treatment, Toxic Chemical Substances Management Specialist, etc.


ISO 14001 Certificate(2019/6/11-2022/6/11)


Sedex Approved Supplier