Our Commitments

President : Tsao, Hsih-Chung

Chairman : Dai, Hung-Chuan

Dear those who care about society

In 2019, Taiwan Hon Chuan has been established for 50 years. Over the past half century, we have worked hard together and strive to grow. In order to expand rapidly and provide innovative business model to our customers for long-term collaboration and development, we never slacken our efforts and never stop. We would like to thank our customers for their full support and all our staffs for their hard efforts, and THC will keep doing our best to do everything for every staff, shareholder and the public. In 2020, THC is going to reach a new milestone. With more reflection, review and feedback, we expect THC to actively engage in corporate governance, environmental protection and social participation, and take sustainable development as our long-term goal.

Keep working on implementing Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting the world in 2020, THC immediately established the Communicable Disease Management Committee to implement various prevention measures including environmental disinfection, inspection at the factory, daily temperature measurements, activity history survey, split operation, etc, so that the health and safety of employees and their families can be ensured, and the company can operate normally.

In corporate governance, THC has not only enhanced the confidential information management, but implemented our ethical management policy; in food safety, THC actively maintains our product safety to achieve customers’ requirements, and our clients, Vitalon and UCC, also awarded the Outstanding Partner Award to the Company; in environment, we have been promoting carbon reduction and environmental protection. In addition, THC has made significant improvements in indicators such as energy conservation, water conservation, reduction of air emission and waste; in employees and charity, the Hon Chuan Academy established the “Elite Cultivation Program” last year to train more and more professional talents and retain them. After building a better workplace, THC expects to make employees happy and secure; moreover, we also continue to participate in various public welfare activities to contribute to the society, care for disadvantaged minorities, and implement our corporate social responsibility.

Looking ahead, THC will be strengthening the Company's advantages, enhancing its overall competitiveness, and maintaining good interaction with stakeholders to become close partners, so as to fulfill our responsibility and promise of sustainable development of shareholders, employees and the society.

Environment Social Governance Committee
TQF Taiwan Quality Food
Performance Excellence Award of Energy Conservation Service Group
Award of Labor Model – Group
Participate in various social welfare activities

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Looking ahead, THC will continue to strengthen the Company's advantages, enhance its overall competitiveness and maintains good interaction with stakeholders to become close partner. We look forward to fulfilling our responsibility and promise of sustainable development of shareholders, employees and the society.

 Environment Social Governance Committee


Ethical Conduct

Improve corporate governance, comply with laws and regulations, keep social justice


Care for Employees

Enable employees career plans, care for employees' body and mind, build up best companies to work for


Contribute to the Society

Sustainable environmental protection, social participation, protecting the rights and interests of stakeholders

ESG Organization

The ESG Committee is divided into four major functional groups, which are responsible for making peace with stakeholders and carrying out various tasks. The ESG Committee is chaired by the CEO and Chairman of THC, and the General Administration Department is responsible for holding meetings, collecting information, and reporting to the Board. Under the Committee are four teams — Corporate Governance, Sustainable Environment, Products and Services, Employees/Social Care — each of which is responsible for the stakeholder consultation and implementation of various works. Externally, the ESG Committee centrally takes charge of coordinating the audit, third-party certification and release of the report; internally, each of the four teams operates separately. When the report is complete, the ESG promotion committee members will review it to identify material topics to be included, and report to the Board. In the future, the Committee will hold regular ESG meetings to draw up the Company's annual implementation objectives and plans, and track implementation performance.

ESG Report Scope

The financial data disclosed in this report is quoted from THC’s individual financial report, and has been audited by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants LLP in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Some sections of the report disclose the consolidated financial performance of the group; the scope of reporting of environment and society data is based on Taiwan Area.

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