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Promotion of Workplace Health

In accordance with the Labor Safety and Health Act, THC’s plants are well equipped with contracted factory doctors and full-time occupational safety and health personnel to manage and safeguard the health of employees. The team assists employers in appropriate labor deployment, prevents occurrence of work-related injuries/diseases and is responsible for planning and implementation of health education, promotion and hygiene education of labors, prevent health-damaging accidents. The team also provides health consultation and emergency responses, and assists employer and occupational safety and health personnel in disease prevention and improvement of working environment to safeguard and ensure the overall well-being of our employees.

Health management and reporting flowchart

Monthly on-site assessment by the factory doctor

Plant visit by the factory doctor

Health seminar for executives

Fall-risk evaluation

Establishment of infirmary and employment of full-time occupational safety and health personnel

Full-time occupational safety and health personnel

Establish infirmary, provide single beds for rest

Equipped with medical grade dressing cart

Establishment of nursery room

Comfortable seating

Negative ion/UV-sterilizer

Designated refridgerator for breast milk storage

Warm-water tap

Annual health check-up for employees (exceeds regulatory standard)

Check-in, height and weight measurements

Eye examination

Blood pressure examination


Physician inquiry

Collection of blood specimens

Promote the smiling

Advocate and promote the smiling and courtesy campaign to create a harmonious and friendly working environment and caring atmosphere. Employees can share the joy of “smiling”, promoting harmonious relationships amongst employee, and thereby increasing work efficiency.

Training for beginner guidance counselors

“People” is the most important asset in any business. The key to helping employees to confront stress, overcome difficulties and pursue excellence in work is whether an organization is able to provide appropriate encouragement and increase the ability of employees to relieve stress. A key factor in boosting employee work efficiency is the detection and dissolution of stress. THC has invited the Teacher Zhang Foundation to devise a specialized training program for beginner guidance counselors. It is done in the hope to allow employees to understand corporate, work and professional ethics through a series of talks and practical. This is combined with free consultation service to teach employees the right techniques to helping others, allowing them to distinguish and help troubled peers by providing care and support.

Mental health screening statistics and analysis of employee using the Taiwanese Depression Scale survey

950人,占94.06%。Mental health screening data obtained from respondents at different factories. Total number to be surveyed = 1010. Total surveyed = 950 (94.06%)

We held blood donation activities regularly to implant the idea of “Give Blood, Save a Life” to our colleagues.

Health promotion seminars

  • Obesity gene screening

  • HPV vaccine seminar

  • Quit Smoking seminar

  • Nutrition seminar

  • Tobacco hazards prevention seminar

  • Blood donations

  • Slimming plans

  • Mental health seminar

  • Self-certification of health

CPR educational training and certification

All 56 employees who went for First Aid training on November 11, 2011 passed the examination and received First Aid Certification that is valid for three years.





First Aid Certification training organized on December 5, 2014

All 25 employees who went for CPR training on December 5, 2014 passed both the written and practical examinations. Application has been filed for First Aid Certification which is valid for two years.


Practical training

practical examination

CPR training certificate

Exchange seminar with Chung Shan Medical University to promote maternal health and overload management.

Through presentations and visit to the Creative Packaging Cultural Museum, guests, HR manager, labor safety manager and workplace safety personnel discussed topics of maternal health, overload management and resumption of duties.




Group photo

Participation in corporate volunteer activities

THC encouraged our employees and their families to take part in the Greater Taichung Volunteer Day 2015 on November 7, 2015 organized by the Topkey Education Foundation. We accompanied the disadvantaged children supported by the Liang-shean Tang Social Welfare Foundation to engage in fun activities on a recreational farm in Dajia, Taichung. The event gave this group of lively and cute children a brand new experience and allowed our colleagues to serve the minorities in the community with passion. Not only does this establish a volunteer culture in the company, it also to realize our social responsibility in caring for the community.

Other recreational and welfare facilities

A cafeteria that offers three delicious meals a day at great value, reimbursed by THC. A dormitory provided free of charge to take care of the out-of-town employees. Free car and motorcycle parking to satisfy the parking demand. A reading room that is stocked with a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers to give employees a quite reading and resting space. A gym that is equipped with all kinds professional training equipment to encourage employee to cultivate good exercise habit.

Purpose of health management and promotion at THC

This is done to eliminate risk of occupational harm and help employees attain good health condition. It also boosts work moral and promotes team spirit and harmony between employer and employee in order to decrease the number of leaves and resignations, thereby increasing productivity, ensuring quality and improving the corporate image.