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Occupational safety and health measures

Abide by regulations and continual improvement , Full participation to prevent occupational hazards

Safety and health management

OHSAS 18001 : 2007, ISO 14001 : 2004 and CNS 15506 : 2011(TOSHMS) certified

Implementing control mechanism

Use the P(Plan)→D(Do)→C(Check)→A(Action) improvement cycle to ensure effective management and prevent occurrence of occupational hazards. Actively participating safety and health related certification training and promote the occupational safety and health management system within the plant. Advocacy for safety and management will be led at the management level so employees can see THC’s determination in fulfilling its social responsibility and preventing occupational hazards and work injuries.

Safety management of contractor operations

Predict danger Implement “integrated inspection”. Establish checkpoints and implement inspection before, during and after contractor operation. For high risk operation, implement specialized audits to prevent the occurrence of occupational hazards.
Reinforce educational training Use the “follow in step” method of larger plant helping the smaller plant to guide contractors and reinforce their self-management ability.
Manage cooperative operation Hold group meetings. Review and assess contractors and recommend/reward high quality contractors while eliminating substandard contractors.

Safety management for existing employees

  • Occupational safety personnel are to attend the morning meeting of each department to promote occupational safety and health.

  • Set-up a CEO mailbox as a communication channel between executives and employees, and encourage employees to submit their innovative ideas and suggestions on safety and health.

  • Conducted employee satisfaction survey annually and announce the survey results and actions taken in response to suggestions and dissatisfactions on the bulletin.


2018 Award for Corporate Excellence and Employee Well-Being – 1 Star presented by Taichung County Labour Bureau.
2018 Award of Labor Model – Group presented by Ministry of Labor.
2017 Corporation Addictive Substance Internal Publication Competition Outstanding Award.
2016 Full-time nursing staff of THC received Award of Excellent Occupational Health Care Staff.
2016 Award for Corporate Excellence and Employee Well-Being – 1 Star presented by Taichung County Labour Bureau.
2015 Award for Excellence Occupational Safety and Health awarded by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.
2015 Award for Corporate Excellence and Employee Well-Being – 2 Stars presented by Taichung County Labour Bureau.
2014 Award for Occupational safety Investment in Traditional Industries awarded by Ministry of Labor.
2014 Certificate for Enthusiastic Occupational Safety and Charity Work presented by Occupational Safety And Health Administration.
2014 Certificate of Zero-accident Work Hours issued by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration.
2013 Excellence in Employer/Employee Relations Award presented by Export Processing Zone Administration, MOEA.
2013 SGS ISO-9001 Benchmark for Sustained Quality Award.
2013 FSSC 22000, Food GMP, ISO 9001, HACCP certified.
2011 Excellent Social Responsibility Award for Outstanding Coca-Cola Supplier in Greater China (sole recipient in the Greater China region)
2011 OHSAS18001 and TOSHMS certified.
2010 20th National Quality Award
2008 Healthy Workplace Certification – Health Innovation Award presented by Taichung County Health Bureau.
2008 Friendly Workplace Award presented by Ministry of Labor, the Executive Yuan.
2001 Award for Promotion of Employment of Physically and Mentally Challenged Individuals awarded by Taichung City Government.
1992 Excellent Employer/Employee Relations Award

Zero-accident starts with you and me

Reinforce occupational safety and health management and sustainable development by conducting source management with full support from the executives. Establish a representative in each department to reinforce occupational safety and health management in order to achieve the goal of zero-accident.

External audit Customer audit Internal audit
SGS Customer audit Internal audit
Department of Labor, Department of Health, Environmental Protection Bureau Coca-Cola, SGP Representatives (~15 representatives)

Corporate’s promise in occupational safety and health

Taiwan Hon Chuan Co., Ltd. sets clear implementation directions for safety and health of its employees, working towards sustainable development. It also continues to pay attention to occupational hazards prevention and assumes the responsibility for the safety and health of its employees.

That it is the priority and obligation of all managers to ensure safety and health of employees

To prevent occurrence of work-related injuries, diseases, and accidents, hence protecting the safety and health of all employees, suppliers who enter the company and contractors.

To abide by all relevant government safety and health regulations and requirements as well as to establish relevant SOPs and methods.

To continue to improve the safety and health management system in order to create safe working conditions and good health and safety performance.

To encourage employees to provide suggestions for occupational safety and health and maintain a good communication channel between executives and employees.

To relay and communicate this measure and other safety and health related issues to employees, suppliers, clients, contractors, visitors and other stakeholders.

To continue to provide compulsory educational training to employees, suppliers and contractors to ensure that all parties have correct understanding and take appropriate actions regarding safety and health.

Preventing workplace violence

依據職業安全衛生法第六條 職場暴力:執行勤務因他人行為遭受身體或精神不法侵入之預防。我們的職場文化:安全、健康、無歧視、包容、機會。

Physical violence, mental violence, language violence, sexual harassment.

Use phone, E-mail, written form or other means to report the location and time of the incident as well as describe the incident and the people involved.

Workplace Violence Review Committee will deliberate the case, take necessary action against the offender and provide assistance and care to the victim.

Publication of the Well-being 6S Periodical to reinforce occupational safety


Prevention Source management: Combined with procurement and change management to lower the probability and severity of risks and prevent the occurrence of occupational hazards relative to mechanics, facilities, equipment and hazardous chemicals…etc

Inclusive protection for students, interns and female employees…etc.


Evolves with new trends. Other than employee in the plant, we will also utilize larger plants to assist smaller plants to reinforce safety and health-related educational training and create a high quality, safe and healthy corporate culture.

Participation Participate in activities held by the government. We care for minorities and create employment opportunities for youth. In addition to the persistent effort in area of safety and health, we also promote environmental protection and energy-efficiency to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
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