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Decent Operation, Employee Care, Community Contribution

Since its establishment in 1969, THC has upheld corporate purpose of decent operation, employee care, community contribution, market focus, client focus, and talent focus. By weathering challenges of the overall environment, we have continued to refine ourselves by adhering to the spirit of progressing through adversity and laying a solid foundation in the industry. We have received many patents in recent years and certifications including ISO-9001, ISO-22000, FSSC-22000, HACCP, Food GMP, OHSAS 18001, and TOSHMS. THC is also the recipient of the 20th National Quality Award. These achievements not only demonstrate THC’s high self-discipline in technology and quality but also our social responsibility towards the community.

Implementing and Promoting Corporate Governance

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    Executing under the Board of Directors is the foundation of THC’s corporate governance scheme. Articles of association of Committees are approved by the Board and the Chairperson of each Committee regularly reports to the Board the resolutions and activities of respective Committees.

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    Safety and Hygiene Committee is established to prevent, adapt to, and resolve industrial safety and hygienic incidents to improve operation environment and effectively increase environmental safety and hygiene in the operation environment.

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    Self-maintenance system, accountability care system, contractor management, toxic chemicals management, and transportation safety management are promoted to achieve zero accident as well as protect the safety of employees and the public.

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    THC institutes a Human Resource Development Committee to hold education training programs from time to time to cultivate diverse professional personnel and reinforce management capability at the managerial level. Monthly meetings, department morning meetings, and other methods are adopted to support relevant ideologies.

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    THC has implemented an employee performance assessment system as well as a clear and effective reward and penalty system. The Company uses the assessment system to enforce corporate governance.

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