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Comprehensive Training System

Based on the prospect and mission of company, THC sets up a Training Development System. According to the policies of this system, we hold various courses related to business strategy, talent development and so on.“Employees are the most important capital,” so, THC establishes an internal Hon Chuan Academy to push those talent training plans. Via various training channels, employees can enhance the qualities of administrative management, general knowledge, professional skills, and language skills in order to cope with THC’s global challenges.

Training for New Employees +Discipline Training +On-Job Training +Overseas Employees training in Taiwan
Training for Cadres +Salesman Training +Professional Financial skills Training +Overseas Engineers Training +Semester Intern Training +Overseas Employees training in Taiwan
Consensus Camp of Executives +CEO’s Talk +Speeches of Prestigious Teacher +Performance Report of Each Department
Business and Management Training +Speeches and Videos related to Business and Management+Benchmarking Learning in other Companies
Compulsory course for all employees +Company Culture +Quality System +Occupational Safety and Health +Food Safety +Regulations and Policies
Cadres’ Training in Different Levels +Basic Cadres’ Training +Middle-level Cadre’s Training +Executives’ Training
Off-Company Training +Off-Company Training +Additional Training in Universities +Investigation +Self-Inspiration +Hiking Training +Outward Bound

Comprehensive Training

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