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Internal and External Whistle-blowing Channels
  • For fostering a corporate culture of ethical management and sound development, establishes Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles.
  • Comply with the Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, Business Entity Accounting Act, Political Donations Act, Anti-Corruption Statute, Government Procurement Act, Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest, TWSE/GTSM listing rules, or other laws or regulations regarding commercial activities, as the underlying basic premise to facilitate ethical corporate management.
  • In order to fulfill ethical corporate management policies and prevent actively unethical behavior, establishes Whistle-blowing Procedures for Violations of Ethical Corporate Management to build up the Company’s internal and external whistle-blowing system.  Whistle-blowing Channel: Whistleblower can submit whistle-blowing via above ways
    Email︰ ethics@mail.honchuan.com.tw
    Written report: No.6, 2nd. Road, Industrial Park, Xitun Dist., Taichung Taiwan, R.O.C (To Audit Department)
Focused Issues and Communication Channels of Other Stakeholders
  • 1.Policy of Compensation and Benefit
  • 2.Career Development
  • 3.Training
  • 4.Employees'Right
  • 5.Employees'Assessment System
  • 6.Employees'Physical and Mental Heath
  • 7.Friendly and Safe Workplace
  • 8.Labor Relations
  • Implements workplace improvement, creating a healthy work environment.
  • Establish a THC Academy to train professional talents, provides comprehensive training and development curriculums as well as learning plans.
  • Employ nursing professionals to implement occupational safety and health measures in order to safeguard safety and health of employees.
  • Establish fair and reasonable systems and maintain open communication channels, including monthly meetings, morning departmental meetings, CEO mailbox, suggestion mailbox and employee satisfaction survey to guarantee the rights of employees.
  • Establish a staff welfare committee to hold company trips, movie screenings and trekking regularly to ensure employee well-being.
  • Establish an employee activity building that houses recreational facilities including gym, reading rooms, karaoke rooms and others.
  • Contact Information︰Mr. Chou
    Telephone︰ 04-23590088 Ext.5320
    Email︰ 1020847@mail.honchuan.com.tw
  • 1.Requirement for Product Quality
  • 2.Customer Relationship Management
  • 3.Food Safety Regulation
  • 4.Customer Service
  • 5.Implementation of Social Responsibility
  • THC values the rights and benefits of our customers and as process and respond to all product and service which related complaints individually.
  • Customer complaint hot line:
    Mrs. Chen886-4-23590088 Ext.1101
  • Email:890309@mail.honchuan.com.tw
Suppliers / Sub-contractors
  • 1.Supplier Assessment Management
  • 2.Requirement for Product Quality
  • 3.Food Safety Mechanism
  • 4.Regulation Compliance
  • Formulate “Procurement Regulations”, “New Sub-contractor Evaluation Method” and “Sub-contractor Regulations” and requests THC to have initial and regular assessments for procurement of all raw materials, equipment, parts and other necessities. Relevant operation such as requisition, procurement, delivery and acceptance should be carry out to ensure the openness, fairness and smoothness of the procurement procedure.
  • In order to ensure the comprehensive development of the corporation and a corporate culture that is based on honesty and trust, please report any illegal conduct in supply chain management to us directly. If the report is found to be true, THC will carry out punishment accordingly.
  • Contact Information︰C.C. Yen / Deputy Manager Director
    Telephone︰ 04-23590088
    Email︰ ccyen@mail.honchuan.com.twservice@mail.honchuan.com.tw
Investors / Media
  • 1.Financial Performance
  • 2.Corporate Governance
  • 3.Risk Management
  • 4.Dividend Distribution
  • 5.Sustainable Development Strategy
  • 6.Corporate Image
  • 7.Information Transparency
  • Strengthen professional competence of the Board, execute supervisory functions, increase information transparency and realize other important principles to safeguard the rights and benefits of all shareholders.
  • Hold shareholder meetings to allow shareholders to exercise their rights and benefits.
  • Disclose relevant information concerning THC on MOPS and the company website regularly::Investor conference, Major announcement
  • Participate in domestic and foreign investor forums or conferences held by security companies aperiodically. Link
  • Establish an investor relations webpage in both Chinese and English to provide search and download of relevant information.
  • Establish Remuneration/Compensation committee which holds relevant meetings regularly.
  • Contact Information:
    Spokesman:Emily Lu / Investor Relations Officer
    Telephone:04-23590088 Ext.5107
    Email: emily@mail.honchuan.com.twservice@mail.honchuan.com.tw
    IR Office :Fiona Chiang
    Telephone: 04-23590088 Ext.5120
    Email: 1090203@mail.honchuan.com.twservice@mail.honchuan.com.tw
Governments / Authorities
  • 1.Regulation Compliance
  • 2.Occupational Safety and Health
  • 3.Energy Use
  • 4.Corporate Governance
  • 5.Communication with Autorities
  • Comply with requirements of supervisory agencies. Follow and examine relevant regulations regularly and establish a complete regulatory system to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Establish contact windows with related departments and maintain a good relationship with authorities.
  • Manage the regulation compliance, working environment, occupational health and safety and energy use in comply with governments'and authorities'stipulations
  • Execute the functional organization operation and related regulations in accordance with Industrial Park, Export Processing Zone and Maritime Port Bureau.
  • Attend the seminar which organized by authorities.
  • Attend the seminar which organized by authorities.
  • 1.Market Trend
  • 2.Development of New Products
  • Attend relevant events organized by the Beverage Industries Association, Plastics Industries Association and other industry associations of different functions actively to create a fair and harmonious competitive environment.
Communities / Non-profit Organizations
  • 1.Implement of Social Responsibility
  • 2.Social Participation
  • 3.Community Care
  • 4.Charitable Activity
  • 5.Environmental Protection Issue
  • 6.Corporate Image
  • Care for the underprivileged by providing above-quota employment opportunities to mentally and physically challenged people as well as aborigines annually.
  • Sign educational partnership agreement with universities to recruit distinguished talents for internship.
  • Establish the Creative Packaging Cultural Museum to allow industrial, governmental and social visits while promoting exchange of resources and fulfill the responsibility of social education.
  • Participate in community-based blood donations and charity events.
  • Give back to the local community actively by integrating with local social community development projects.