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    The difference of Aseptic Filling and Hot Filling?
    Item Aseptic Filling Hot Filling
    1.Sanitary Requirement Aseptic in Filling Room Don’t Require Aseptic
    2.Filling Temperature 25℃~30℃ 85℃~90℃
    3.Filling System Don’t Require Reflowing for Pasteurization Require Reflowing for Pasteurization
    4.Quality and Taste Excellent
    (Easily Control The Taste)
    5.Content Available Low Acid & Acid Products Acid & Tea Products
    6.Production Time
    (Each Time)
    Acid Product 72~120 Hours 36 Hours
    Tea Product 72~120 Hours 28 Hours
    Low Acid Or Milk Product 24 Hours Unavailable
    Acidified Milk 24 Hours 12 Hours
    7. Difficulty of control and maintenance Hard Easy
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    What are the all-in-one Integration?
  3. 3
    What are the In-House & OEM Filling Operation?
  4. 4
    What are the advantages of aseptic filling?

    1. To save the original flavor, color and nutrition:
    When we taste the beverage, we always hope the beverage can maintain the original color, flavor and the vitamins/nutrition. The traditional beverage production line applies hot fill sterilizing to maintain the quality; however, it always changes the flavor, darkens the color and destroys the Vitamins. Especially, the Vitamin C is easily destroyed because of the heat. The beverage filled in cans always mixes with the savor of metal and tastes different. After the new filling technology, aseptic filling, was adopted, we can fill beverage in the ambient temperature, reduce the heated time, and maintain the original flavor. Without the preservatives or additives, we still can keep the product fresh and restore the natural taste and color of the fruit. This is the reason why the hot fill tomato juices and the aseptic fill tomato juices taste totally different. The color and the flavor are different, too. Because of the characteristics of the aseptic fill beverage, maintaining the flavor, color and nutrition, some products get great sales in Taiwan, ex. ¡§Fresh Tomato Juice¡¨ of AIGIVEI Company and ¡§King of the Tea¡¨ series of Uni-President Company.


    2. Cost down with light-weighed packaging material
    The new revised aseptic filling machine produces 600 bottles per minute and reaches 7,000,000 cartons per year (24 bottles per carton), faster than the hot fill machine. By means of the connection with blowers, PET bottles can be light-weighed to lower the production cost.


    3. Flexible bottle design can be applied to more products:
    By ambient filling, the bottle shapes are much more flexible than hot filling and can be applied to more products, ex. mixed tea, milk tea, milk and other protein beverage. To assure the safety and sanitation of filling and packaging, the aseptic filling machine is installed with severe disinfection and sterilization process and quarantined in the aseptic filling environment.

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    What are the products and the efficiency from the beverage OEM/ ODM in your aseptic beverage plant?

    The Hon Chuan aseptic beverage plant equipped with the latest aseptic filling machine from French SIDEL can produce low acid beverage, ex. Tea/ coffee/ milk tea, etc.

    Customers only have to commission Hon Chuan with the beverage materials and Hon Chuan can supply them with the best and sufficient packaging material and filling services. Therefore, the customers can devote to the brand marketing and route expanding by this professional strategic cooperation. In this cooperation, the customers can earn much more and receive the synthetic efficiency.

  6. 6
    What are the services included in beverage OEM/ ODM in Mainland China?

    We offer our customers with Closures, PET bottles, Labels and whole set of beverage OEM/ ODM. The customers only have to supply the condensed materials, ex. sugar, condensate, cartons, etc. and then we can manufacture the full set products to meet the needs of the customers.

  7. 7
    What is the function of

    The safety button is designed for the assurance of the cap sealing. We can easily recognize the sealing situation of the product. The hump of the cap means the cap was opened; meanwhile, when being touched, if there is sound from the safety button it shows the cap had been opened. If the safety button is so humpy and unable to press down, it shows us the product is rotten.

  8. 8
    Why should the neck finish be crystallized for PET bottle?

    It's mainly for the hot-filling process through crystallization, just because the regular bottle could not be high temperature resistance. Normally, the hot-fill resistant bottle (crystallized) is available for drink in juice or tea.

  9. 9
    What is the function of the safety button for metal lug cap?

    It's designed for the "venting", which enables gas to be released properly through slot, especially in capping on the bottle of carbonated soft drink. The purpose is prevent the cap popping off then danger happened in consumers.

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