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THC has been committed to providing beverage packaging materials to beverage manufacturers. In light of recent food safety issues in Taiwan, THC prioritizes the establishment of a transparent production traceability system that envelops elements from raw material production to production facilities in order to reestablish consumer confidence and allow administrative regulation and inspection.


In the current age of IoT, THC’s R&D is working with ITRI to address the issue of food and production traceability so that future clients can use IoT technologies such as cloud computing, big data analysis, convenient purchase, and third-party payment to devise an operational strategy that is tailored to the market. This globally reputable tactic ensures food safety management to eliminate consumer concerns during purchase.

THC’s laser code technology received a 10-year patent in Taiwan and China. According to the need of the client, suitable code technology will be developed and applied to beverages, dairy products, cosmetics, foods, oils, and alcohols. The laser code technology patent certificates are shown above.

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